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At Herbal Angels LLC we began making personal body-care products ourselves as we learned about the potential dangers of the chemicals in many commercial products. We soon
realized that making our own shampoo and body wash not only protected us from toxins, but home-made is also far superior to off the shelf!
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A Herbal Angels Membership Inspires

Body-Care Products

Made by you for yourself
and your friends and family

Natural Oils,
Natural Ingredients

Nourish, protect, and rejuvenate skin and hair

Home-Made Products

Made with pure ingredients are less likely to cause allergic reactions.

YOUR Herbal Angels Membership

Body-Care products you make for yourself and your friends and family offer tremendous advantages:

Nourish and Protect

Natural oils and other ingredients nourish, protect, and rejuvenate skin and hair damaged by sun, wind, and harsh chemicals like detergents. You will see the difference, and so will others. Take before and after shots of your skin and hair, and be ready for the compliments!

No Allergic Reactions

Home-made products made with pure ingredients are less likely to cause allergic reactions.

You are in control of the fragrance of your product. You can choose fragrance- free—important if you are sensitive to the odors of commercial products—or a wide range of pleasing fragrances from essential oils. Let Herbal Angels show you how you can blend these oils to customize your products, with olfactory signatures from gentle fruity-floral to more zesty and stimulating.

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Herbal Agent of Change

As an Herbal Agent of Change, you can make a range of safe, effective, and luxurious body-care products to share with others who need them and will appreciate them. And by joining forces with other Herbal Agents you will be in position to leverage suppliers of raw materials for discounts as our membership grows.

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Herbal Angels

Making An Angelic Impression

Trena Moss was born in Missouri. That might tell you something.
In grade school when her legs froze in the winter she wondered why the girls could not wear pants to school like the boys did. She was told that in pants the girls might behave in an “unladylike” fashion.

Trena then did a very unladylike thing:

She fought the school administration until girls got the right to wear pants to school and not freeze their legs in the winter!

IMG 2397Trena learned plumbing in the U.S. Air Force. Later, as an independent plumbing contractor in Southern Michigan (for 14 years) she had a job replacing water meters on homes in a number of small communities. When she began noticing problems with the water in many of these places her company One Girl’s Plumbing notified the State about the water quality issues which were being ignored at the local level.

Within a year many small communities in SW Michigan had inspections of their water systems, and dozens of them were forced to replace aging and dangerous water towers with new, safer equipment.

In the 1980s Trena was a volunteer with Domestic Harmony in Hillsdale Michigan, working with women and their children who had suffered abuse. Trena firmly believes that abuse of women and children is intolerable, a social issue which must be urgently addressed.

In the 1990’s Trena figured out that arresting and incarcerating up to a million people yearly in the U.S. for the “crime” of smoking marijuana did not make much sense, and in fact brought untold suffering into the lives of millions of people all across the country and around the world.bee going to a bud

People laughed when Trena decided to do something about it and started working and organizing with others to promote changes in Michigan’s marijuana laws. They told her she was crazy, and that marijuana would never be legalized. Her first petition drive was in 1998, and she did not quit when the opposition—and the laughter–persisted.

Michigan legalized cannabis for medical use in 2008, and general adult use in 2018, both firsts in the Midwest U.S.

Now Trena wants to let you and everyone know about the dark side of commercial body-care products, and show you how to protect yourself and your loved ones by easily making your own safe and luxuriously wonderful products right at home.

68098339648 F8B371C9 916B 46E9 8FED B63F9F455C0CPerhaps the manufacturers of products with toxic ingredients are laughing about this. Maybe they should not be!



The dark side of commercial body-care products:

Click the links to SkinKraft and SixWise to learn what commercial manufactures are putting into your hair and body-care products!!!

Use this link to visit the SkinKraft website and learn about the toxic chemicals used in many commercial shampoos.


Or visit SixWise for information about potentially dangerous soaps and shampoos:


Now you too can dance into the Sunshine with Herbal Angels and create your own lucsious body care products and let the gorgeous in you bloom!  
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Learn to Make Your Own Products, Naturally.

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