Dr. Paul Meyer is the author of all of our songs, plays the guitar and sings.  Trena Moss plays the drum.

“Soon as I Get My Wings”: This song is about a young person’s aspirations to bust loose and pursue her dreams in the wider world.

“Fight for Your Right”: Also known as “The Holy Trinity”.  This rabble-rousing anthem reminds us of the three ways in which we experience herbal cannabis:  recreational, spiritual, medicinal.   This song is dedicated to Roger Christie, who founded The Hawaiian Cannabis Ministries.

“Reincarnation Blues”: A musical primer and reflection on a model of the universe different from the one most Westerners grew up with; one that suggests that “You only live once” may be in need of a major update.  

“Herbal Angels”: Inspired by the Mystical Mistress of the medicine patch, this song celebrates the healing power of cannabis, as well as those who grow it.

“A Little Joke on God”: A meditation on our relationship to the Divine Whatever, and on how well we are succeeding (?) with our great challenge:  responsibility for the biosphere and inhabitants of a small, blue planet.  

“The Flower and the Leaf”: A Love song to the vegetable kingdom.  Does it refer to a particular plant, or perhaps even a weed?  You decide.

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