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Song Descriptions

Dr. Paul Meyer is the author of all of our songs, plays the guitar and sings. Trena Moss plays the drum.

"Soon as I Get My Wings"

This song is about a young person's aspirations to bust loose and pursue her dreams in the wider world.

"Fight for Your Right"

Also known as "The Holy Trinity". This rabble-rousing anthem reminds us of the three ways in which we experience herbal cannabis: recreational, spiritual, medicinal. This song is dedicated to Roger Christie, who founded The Hawaiian Cannabis Ministries.

"Reincarnation Blues"

A musical primer and reflection on a model of the universe different from the one most Westerners grew up with; one that suggests that "You only live once" may be in need of a major update.

"Herbal Angels"

Inspired by the Mystical Mistress of the medicine patch, this song celebrates the healing power of cannabis, as well as those who grow it.

"A Little Joke on God"

A meditation on our relationship to the Divine Whatever, and on how well we are succeeding (?) with our great challenge: responsibility for the biosphere and inhabitants of a small, blue planet.

"The Flower and the Leaf"

A Love song to the vegetable kingdom. Does it refer to a particular plant, or perhaps even a weed? You decide.