Canna Kitty Cat Litter

'Cat Fancier' Valerie Smith with Hippie Shake, one of her Show Cats.

Valerie has lots of Canna Kitties and she uses it because, 'My Cats like it.'

Horse Farrier Larry Tuebert II from Allen Mi. checked out our horse bedding, Larry says 'It is the best horse bedding I have ever used!'

Andrew from Flint uses it for his snake. 'It is the best reptile bedding I have ever used. It lasts forever.'

Brian from Holly, uses it for his pet lizards. 'The only thing bad about this bedding is that it lasts so long you will never sell any.'

Melisa from Ypsilanti uses Canna Kitty cat litter. 'It does not track anymore than the other litters but my cats seem so much happier with it and I don't have to change it as often.

Lucile from Ohio tried the Canna Kitty and she likes it because it is not as heavy as the clay litters.

James from Jackson uses the Canna Kitty cat litter because it composts so much faster and he does not have to empty the litter box as often.

Volunteers from the 'No Kill animal shelter' in Flint tell us that it is the best odor absorbing litter they have ever used for the 'rabbits smelly urine.'

Please check out our animal bedding for your pets and let us know how you like it. We think you will find that Herbal Angels hemp animal bedding is outrageously superior for so many reasons. We want to hear from you!!