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Herbal Angels

Herbal Angels first spread its wings in 2008, with plans to market a salve made from cannabis.  Since then, court rulings have modified the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act, so that Cannabis extracts are now, apparently, not allowed.

So…Herbal Angels has shifted its focus to hemp, a source of earth-friendly products from the cannabis plant, which we are allowed to use, but not grow.

Our mission statement remains the same:

To make an angelic impression upon the world in an herbal way.”

Herbal Angels is passionate for a green world with earth-friendly products.  When it comes to earth-friendly, the hemp plant has no equal.  Thousands of different earth-friendly products–from fuel, to food, to fiber–can be made from the hemp plant.

At Herbal Angels we want to help clean up the world and we are starting with 100% (imported) hemp animal bedding. This is an outrageously superior product!

  • More absorbent: Lasts longer; less work! Less cost!
  • Natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties; less odor!
  • Less dusty: Healthier for animals and you!
  • Composts twice as fast!

This product is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase!
Herbal Angels Animal Bedding, including kitty litter and reptile bedding is now available on our website! Please check out our online Product Store.
New music from Dr. Paul coming soon, including the song Pain Management.

Also: Herbal Angels will be hiring a limited number of Herbal Agents (sales reps,) beginning in January 2015.  If you are a self-starter and enjoy talking to people about hemp, this may be the opportunity for you.  Contact us if you are interested.



Earth/people friendly homes and buildings. Less heating/cooling costs and healthier air. Looking for a contractor or classes on building with hemp? Contact us here or call 517-320-0798 for more information.